We Didn’t Know ‘Panda Eyes’ Was a Term Let Alone a Trend

Amanda Elser

Like most bizarre beauty trends, it started in the UK with Kate Middleton’s makeup and has taken off since. We’ve noticed an onslaught of celebrity beauty looks that include top and bottom liner, but this ‘Panda Eyes’ trend (as the Daily Mirror calls it) has just started becoming a red carpet must-have.

It seems as if The Duchess of Cambridge was on to something when she went thick-handed on the eyeliner when she said her “I dos,” but we’re still hesitant when it comes to this trend. A top and bottom eyeliner can be harsh and as designerRachel Roy said, “You’re looking at the liner instead of looking into her soul.” We don’t know if we’d get that philosophical about it, but we have to admit that a thick coat of bottom liner tends to be a bit distracting.