Stylist Adir Abergel On Anne Hathaway’s Hair & Fall Trends

Rachel Adler

Adir Abergel, the magical hands behind some of the most gorgeous tresses in the business (think of Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Stewart, Jennifer Garner and the like) has been wowing us with his hairstyles on red carpets and in editorials for countless years now.

Adir, a lead stylist for Frederic Fekkai, chats with us about not only what it’s like collaborating with girls like Hathaway, but also what we can look forward to seeing this fall.

Where do you find your inspiration for your event shoots?

I find inspiration in everything from fashion shows, to the piece of clothing my client is going to wear, to historical hair styles. I love pulling inspiration from a classic hairstyle to 1950’s pin up style.

After working numerous fashion shows and events, how does doing runway hair compare to red carpet events?

Runway is a very different form of art, you are creating a feeling by talking to the designer and seeing the collection and applying your vision on models who have no say in the style. Red carpet events have everything to do with your client and the collaboration between the two of you. Your client ultimately needs to feel beautiful and your ego has to step aside.

Anne Hathaway never really messes up on the red carpet. Do you both work together to create a look for each night, or do you tend to guide the look?

We work very closely together, sometimes I bring the inspiration and other times she does. She can say to me, “I feel like having something rock and roll,” and then I have to interpret that into a style that will work on the red carpet and make her feel the part.

Anne also seems to have thick hair – what styling suggestions do you have for girls with thick strands to tame it?

Make sure that you start out by treating your hair well, like applying a weekly mask to keep it healthy and touchable soft. Also use conditioning product rather than heavy gels and pomades.

What hair products do you keep in your kit at all times?

Fekkai Glossing Cream, Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray, Kusko Murphy Setting Lotion, Dirt by Jonathan Antin.

What styles do you think we’ll be seeing more of this fall?

I think we will see more messy partings rather than clean stiff parts. Ponytails are making a strong comeback as well, and finally beautiful full blowouts, simple and sexy.