Some of the Worst Celebrity Beauty Blunders of All Time

Amanda Elser
Some of the Worst Celebrity Beauty Blunders of All Time
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Everyone makes some beauty mistakes (Note: me circa sixth grade), but the difference between myself and a celebrity is that I made my mom hide all of my class portraits while their photos are displayed forever on the World Wide Web.

So no offense to these ladies (we love you, we truly do, besides perhaps Taylor Momsen), but these beauty blunders are just too bad not to share.

Check out our slideshowabove to see our roundup of the worst celebrity beauty mishaps to mock with us and learn from there mistakes.

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Going Too Light

We all have a run in with a bad dye-job at one point or another, but what makes Khloe Kardashian's auburn hairdo so bad is her choice of makeup. Her black rimmed eyes contrasted harshly against her lighter hair, and her light pink lip did nothing but wash her out. We suggest that Khloe stick with her naturally dark Armenian roots and bold lips.  

Obviously Fake Hair

We definitely think that extensions are a good thing, but hair like Vanessa Williams' fake fro is something we would never recommend. Ask your hair dresser to recommend extensions before you ever get photographed looking like a poodle. 

Blonde Pixie Gone Wrong

We love short cuts. Unfortunately for Rumer Willis no one told her that her face was too long and her hair too brown before she got this bleached pixie. We think a brunette lob would much better suit the actress. 

Just...Too Much

Let's start with the obvious, Taylor Momsen wears far too much eye makeup. Take away the raccoon ring around her eyes, glitter shadow and bottom lash extensions, we wouldn't think she looked that bad. But her eye makeup plus and penciled in beauty mark and her too long bleached locks makes this beauty look a recipe for disaster. Basically, we'd take away everything but the lipstick, we actually like that pink pout. 

Not Knowning When Enough is Enough

The lips? Perfection, but besides that we want to attack Leighton Meester with a wet wipe. The untamed eyebrows are overshadowed by a horrendously applied purple/gold smokey eye and paired with the overly chunky eyelashes and the harsh pink blush and all we can think of are the clowns we used to have nightmares over. 

Sunless Tanner Gone Awry

She is usually the epitome of class, but this Catherine Zeta-Jones look leaves us wondering if she had a run in with an Oompa Loompa or a seriously bad bronzer. Listen to us closely ladies, when it comes to sunless tanner, less is more...ALWAYS. 

Bedazzling... Never Okay

We saved the best (or worst) for last. Alicia Keys' head wrap plus her bejeweled eyes are just so bad that we wonder how she ever thought it was good. And can we ask, what is with the penciled in birth mark? No. No. No.

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