Scott Barnes Tells Us How-To Glow Like J.Lo

Amanda Elser

Scott Barnes, celebrity makeup artist and creator of Body Bling, knows the secret to getting the inner glow that we all envy. His must-have tinted moisturizer is the key behind the glowing skin of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez,Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. We got Scott to tell us his tips for glowing this winter: from moisturizing to contouring, he spills everything we’ll need to know to look red carpet ready this holiday!

What is the best way to get a beautiful glow in the winter when so many people have trouble with dry skin?

Body Bling! It has a moisturizing base to it – it’s actually treatment product – so it absorbs into your skin leaving a really beautiful and moisturizing shimmer. It helps moisturize as it applies color and melts into your skin!

When contouring, what is the most important thing to remember?

Firstly, it’s important to find your correct foundation color that perfectly matches your skin tone (I love Dior and Chanel foundations). When contouring with bronzer, it’s important to work from the outside in to create a halo effect, that beautiful “lit from within” glow. The last thing you want to do is add dark bronzer under your eyes (or up to the side of your nose) where your skin is already darker, and definitely avoid applying bronzer to the creases around your mouth and eyes, as that will make you look older. I love Guerlain’s bronzing powders the key is to find a shade that’s one shade darker than your skin.

What are your top beauty tips?

An eyelash curler is the most important thing, it makes your eyes look open. I also always use Naphcon A eye drops (available at your local drugstore), as they make your eyes look bright and white and rested. With a little mascara, eyelash curler and eye drops, you’ll be gorgeous.

When it comes to your product, Body Bling, how do the formulas differ forbrunettesand blondes?

Blondes are better served with Body Bling Platinum, because it gives you a lot of shimmer and glow without too much bronze pigment (fans include Madonna and Gwen Stefani). If you want a little more color, mix with the Original Body Bling to tailor your own color.

The Original is best for brunettes, African Americans and darker skin it livens up that warm skin tone and makes it look alive, shimmery and like a golden blond goddess.

In full summer, everyone can use the Original Body Bling.

What is your number one recommendation when it comes to beauty tips for the holidays and going from day to night?

For day to night, it’s really great to keep it simple: berry lips and a flushed cheek mimics what happens naturally in the cold. Keep a more naked eye.

My #1 beauty tip for holidays is to pick a feature and play it up! Less is more. Take your lip down with a stronger eye, or do a stronger eye with a naked lip. But don’t forget to wear your lashes – they’re the best holiday accessory!

Remember, makeup is an accessory, don’t overdue it or try too many looks at once, or you’ll look like a walking Trend Report.