Pretty Pixies: Our Favorite Super-Short Celeb Haircuts

Pretty Pixies: Our Favorite Super-Short Celeb Haircuts
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One of the most daring looks a girl can try is the pixie cut. In recent years, some of our favorite movie stars (Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan) have chopped all their hair off — and some have even kept the look, choosing wigs or extensions for their acting roles instead of constantly changing their look for each film.

Women with oval to oval-round shaped faces can go the shortest, while square shaped jawlines should go for a more grown-out cut. Would you ever try a pixie, or do you love having long locks too much to try it? Look through our slideshow to check out the ladies who have pulled off a pixie cut the best.

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Michelle Williams is one star who has committed to her pixie cut the longest. She told Elle UK: "I've really grown into it -- I feel like myself with short hair. And it's been a really long time since I had long hair, five years. Of course, the only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair!" The star also hinted she kept her hair cropped in honor of the late Heath Ledger, saying: "I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it."

Who could forget the iconic moment when Natalie Portman's head was shaved on-camera for her role in V for Vendetta? Luckily for her, her face shape looked gorgeous with each consequent look as her hair grew back out.

At first Carey Mulligan's pixie looked a lot like it was inspired by Michelle Williams — until she started growing it out and trying different ways to style it. This look was one of our faves. The star got the cut for her film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and has been slowly growing it back out ever since.

We think the sparkly barrette Emma Watson accessorized her pixie cut with here was adorable. The starlet cut her hair off in celebration of her freedom after finally finishing filming the Harry Potter movie series. "I'd never been allowed to cut my hair off, so I just seized the first opportunity," Watson has said of her cut. "It wasn't meant to be rebellious – it certainly wasn't my Britney Spears moment."

Always one for pushing the boundaries with her beauty looks, Evan Rachel Wood chose to grow out the front bangs of her pixie and style them in a 20's look with finger waves and lots of gel.

Ginnifer Goodwin keeps her cropped 'do edgy and rocker-esque by letting the bangs grow out and styling it with lots of choppy texture. “It didn’t take any courage,” Goodwin told People Magazine about cutting her hair. “It purely took getting permission from HBO and the folks behind Big Love. They owned every hair on my head!” Now, the actress uses wigs to get into character so she can keep her own hair short: “As long as I can wear a wig, I can be any character and in real life I can be myself.”

Hayden Panettiere's kept her pixie long on top and cut close at the sides, so she could use gel to slick back the hair behind her ears only, leaving tons of volume on top.

The most long-lasting pixie that will surely go down in history, Halle Berry's hair always looks better in a short cut. The actress has said she gets trims almost every 10 days to maintain her ideal short look.

Aussie starlet Mia Wasikowska not only has the same name and shares the same features as Mia Farrow, but shot to style stardom after cutting her hair like the Rosemary's Baby star as well. The star donated her hair to Locks of Love — a charity that makes wigs for children going through chemo — when she cut it. "I was happy to cut it off," Mia has said. "It's great not to have to do anything with it in the morning."

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