Nicole Kidman is Looking Gorgeous in Harper’s Bazaar


Once upon a time Nicole Kidman was the beauty icon that all extremely pale people looked to for inspiration, or at least this extremely pale person did. But then she sort of fell off the beauty wagon, so to speak. Somewhere along the way she got this idea that the hair-the-same-color-as-her-skin, a bit too much Botox ice queen look was good for her. Everyone had kind of written her off in terms of beauty, and then BAM, cue the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

I think we can all agree that she is looking younger – and happier – than we have seen in a long time. I’m pretty sure that we owe this transformation to the hair. The color, the loose waves, the length; it suits her perfectly. So props to her colorist and her stylist. I think this new look deserves a standing ovation.