Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Wavy Tresses for Braids & Buns

Amanda Elser

The recently married Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the red carpet, so it must get pretty boring wearing her hair the same way every time she struts her stuff. That is why we were pretty happy to see her out and about this week with two different looks.

Monday she was spotted at the Angel Foundation Ball wearing her signature nude lip and her hair pulled tight to the top of her head and twisted into a neat bun. Not a stray out of place, we’ve seen this style before on the second oldest Kardashian and we’ve always approved.

Last night Kim showed up to claim her award at the Huffington Post Game Changer Awards with a tight red dress contrasted by a messy, fishtail braid pulled to the side. Not sure if the pieces hanging out were part of the style or the NYC wind, but the look was a nice low-key style that we aren’t used to the glamazon wearing.

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