Katy Perry Has a Pretty Normal New Hairstyle

Rachel Adler

We admit, we’re getting pretty sick of staying on top of Katy Perry’s latest hairstyles. I mean, the girl changes her hair every single second. But honestly, this latest look, although a bit on the cool-mom-from-the-suburbs side, is really really cute.

Perry showed off the new style on her debut hosting job on SNL this weekend, doing numerous skits impersonating the likes of Christina Aguilera, Florence Welch and Pippa Middleton.

As for her hair, we had seen the new edgy bob style last week, but Perry had maintained traces of her hot pink color as she transitioned to a soft blonde. Now that she is shockingly all one tone, perhaps it’s time for Mrs. Brand to settle down and have a couple of babies. Alright, we’re not that crazy…it’ll be green or purple next week.

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