Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair Red Too, Is Everyone Going To?

Rachel Adler

Katy Perry is not a girl to shy away from colorwe’ve seen her in just about every shade of the rainbow, wearing bright pink and blue wigs onstage and at events. But now, just days after her Rolling Stone cover was released, Perry has been spotted with a new red style.

Her formerly dark brunette hue was drastically lightened to a rusty, copper shade. Perry has the porcelain skin tone to pull it off (and a killer bikini bod!) but we’re interested to see if she’ll show off her true hair for concerts and events now, or still go with the wigs.

Personally, although I do think she can pull off this shade of red, I think the blue and pink wigs are more fun for her stage persona. You can’t quite pull off a Hershey Kiss costume the same way without a cobalt blue wig!

What do you guys think of the new look? Are you getting sick of everyone dying their hair red yet?

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