“Kate Gosselin Hair” & Other Trends We Hope Stay in the Past

“Kate Gosselin Hair” & Other Trends We Hope Stay in the Past
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We’re all in favor of taking inspiration from trends of the past. A retro 1960s cat eye is timeless, as is a 1920s red lip. But some popular looks from more recent history should stay where they belong: in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000’s, confined to the “What Was She Thinking?” pages of magazines.

While these beauty blunders may have been acceptable and even trendsetting at the time, these are the looks we hope will never make a comeback.

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1. Kate Gosselin Hair
(Because... I just don't know what else to call it)
Sort of like a mullet (because the back doesn’t match the front), but possibly even more hideous. That's the only way I can describe the Kate Gosselin haircut that inexplicably became a trend a few years ago. The back is short and spiky, while the front has a side part and a heavy, straight swath of hair.

It’s tough to understand how this one ever became a “trend,” but somehow, the cut was one of the most requested looks at salons that year. Hopefully all of those people have finished fully growing out this atrocity by now and have come to their senses.

2. Crimped Hair
When something looks this horrible on one of the most gorgeous actresses of our time, it’s safe to say it won’t look good on anyone. A full head of crimped hair is the way to go if you want that just-stuck-my-finger-in-an-electrical-outlet look, but that’s pretty much it. There’s just no way to make it look put together.

3. Stretch Comb Headbands
I’m pretty sure I had one of these in every color around third grade. Even then, I didn’t like what they did to my hair. They create a sort of absence of a hairstyle, pushing hair back in parted sections so you can sometimes see just a little hint of scalp. Pretty.

If the appearance of them isn’t enough to make these headbands unwearable, they’re also horribly uncomfortable. They scrape your whole head as you put them on and poke you the rest of the day. Uncomfortable and weird-looking? Please stay put in 1998.

4. The 90’s Lip
While Pamela Anderson wasn’t the only offender known for the 90’s lip, she was certainly one of the celebs to wear it most often. This look combines dark lip liner with light lipgloss for an all-around strange outcome. I’m not sure what the goal was when wearing this trend, but I’m guessing it wasn’t to look like a drag queen (which was the result).

5. Super Short Bangs
These awkwardly short bangs were a trend revival we sincerely hope doesn't get a third wave (they're an homage to the Bettie Page haircut). While they might have worked for Bettie, they're pretty unflattering on most people.

Rosario Dawson's attempt to go retro ended up making her look like she let an 8 year old cut her hair. But even if her bangs were more even, there's something childish and strange (not to mention impossible to grow out) about bangs that short.

6. Corn Rows
Christina Aguilera has had many a beauty faux pas, but this look might qualify as one of her worst. Ignoring everything else that’s awful about this picture (the caked on foundation, the creepy dark lips, the penciled on brows), her hair is just plain crazy. The super tight braids create harsh lines and a finished product that's stiff, messy and confusing. And let’s be serious: no one wants to see that much of anyone’s scalp.

7. Invisible Lips
Remember when it was cool to apply concealer to your lips instead of lipstick? No? Neither do I. But that’s essentially what you get when you go for a lip color that’s too light, like J. Lo’s did here.

Again, ignoring everything else about this look that is truly terrible, Lopez demonstrates why going too nude with a nude lip is a definite don’t. Invisible lips not only make teeth look less white, but they make your entire face look unbalanced and slightly sickly.

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