How To Get Rooney Mara’s Dark Red Lip: Some Tools Required

Amanda Elser

We love Rooney Mara for being able to pull together a minimal look with the most impact. Her bold look at the 14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards was a testament to good contouring skills, the perfect pair of fake lashes and of course her glossy vamp pout. Obviously the standout feature at last night’s look, and the most important to remember, is she didn’t achieve this look with just a tube of lipstick.

To get this same look at home choose a red lipstick that has a glossy finish to it. Any classic Estee Lauder color should do, but if you want to go for a modern take don’t be afraid to use your go-to matte lipstick.

First, use a thin brush to shape the lips. If you have thin lips like Rooney don’t be afraid to accentuate the Cupid’s bow like she did with very feminine and delicate curves. Once you have the shape of your lips outlined start filling in your lips with a slightly thicker brush. Concentrate the color along the outline and then dab the color towards the center of your lips giving your pout the perfect ombre effect.

Add a touch of gloss just to the center of your bottom lip for an extra punch of shimmer and use your favorite highlighter pen to clean up any imperfections and redefine the Cupid’s bow to give the illusion that your lips were just naturally that amazing!