Happy Birthday Rachel McAdams! Our Favorite Red Carpet Looks

Happy Birthday Rachel McAdams! Our Favorite Red Carpet Looks
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Rachel McAdams went from being the token hot bitchy high school girl (The Hot Chick, Mean Girls) to the go-to significant other in weepy romances (The Notebook, the Time Traveler’s Wife) and is now doing whatever she wants as one of Hollywood’s top leading ladies — from rom-coms to action thrillers to indie flicks (Sherlock Holmes, Morning Glory, Midnight in Paris).

Similar to her vast range of film roles lately, McAdams isn’t afraid to change up her hairstyles and ping-pong back and forth from platinum blonde to almost-black. Whether she dyes it for movie roles or for herself, McAdams makes sure to keep it interesting and wear it with confidence and always a bright lip.

We took a trip down memory lane to remember the most memorable red-carpet moments of this lucky girl who seemingly looks amazing in any hair color — surely a gift far better than any birthday present she will receive for her 33rd birthday today!

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2004: Starring in The Notebook propelled McAdams to leading-lady stardom after several roles in silly teen comedies. At the film's premiere she rocked her darkest hair color ever and thick, blunt bangs.

2004: Several months later, McAdams had let her bangs grow out and her haircolor lighten up a bit. The result is softer and more romantic, especially with her fresh-faced makeup and soft pink lip.

2005: McAdams went the casual route with unstyled auburn hair for the MTV Movie Awards, where she won for "Breakthrough Female Performance" and "Best On-Screen Team" for Mean Girls, as well as "Best Kiss" with co-star (and boyfriend at the time) Ryan Gosling for The Notebook.

2005: At the premiere of her first thriller Red Eye, McAdams upped the glamour and looked beautiful wearing her take on the braided updo trend. We love how she matched her magenta lip to the flowers accenting her chignon.

2005: McAdams went all-out retro Barbarella for the Wedding Crashers premiere, with winged eyeliner, tons of volume, and a silk headband that matched her honey haircolor. 

2007: Who could forget the brief period in the early 2007 awards season when McAdams sported these adorable pink highlights? We admire her fearlessness for wearing a look this funky to fancy awards shows, as well as her complementary bold fuchsia lip.

2009: McAdams wore a curly, light brown bob (and a lot of double stick tape) for The Time Traveler's Wife premiere, with a smoky brown eye to match her new haircolor. We think this is casual yet sophisticated at the same time: a hard combo to pull off.

2009: Her hair grew out a little bit — enough to pull up in this hairstyle at least — but McAdams chose to keep her bangs long and wispy for a relaxed look. Once again she keeps her makeup simple but opts for her signature pink lip.

2009: Here at the New York premiere of Sherlock Holmes, McAdams shows us the perfect example of how a ponytail can be glam enough for a night on the town. She switched up her makeup as well: putting the emphasis on her eyes with heavy black eyeliner and dark shimmery shadow to match her gown, while keeping her lip an almost-nude light pink.

2010: Last year McAdams busted out one of her most daring looks ever for the world premiere of her movie Morning Glory. Her hair looks great in this edgy, grown-out bob: tons of volume and texture, not too perfect or too messy. We adore the funky winged-out metallic shadow she matched to her silver dress.

2011: This throwback look reminds us of a twenties-era flapper girl, but still manages to look incredibly modern and on-trend. McAdams looks great in a short bob, and plays up her hair's naturally wavy texture by using a curling iron all over for these bouncy curls.

2011: At the Cannes Film Festival this past May, McAdams wore several stunning retro looks while promoting her film Midnight in Paris. Bringing to mind a classic Hollywood siren, McAdams had shoulder-length bright blonde hair with chunky highlights and tons of volume, and of course, her (and our) favorite raspberry lip.

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