Glee FNO Promo: Did Anyone Notice Dianna Agron’s Hair?

Rachel Adler

Glee released their full FNO promo last night (because who isn’t participating in FNO this year?) and aside from being a little heavy on Lea Michele, it was pretty fun. Singing David Bowie’s Fashion, the Glee kids were decked out in a lot of black, white, sequins and red lipstick while belting out the words and strutting their stuff on the runway.

140181 1314196666 Glee FNO Promo: Did Anyone Notice Dianna Agrons Hair?

Clearly missing from the spotlight were Amber Riley and Naya Rivera (who were rumored to have been sick during the shoot) but the thing that caught most of my attention was Dianna Agron’s hair. Sadly, there were just a few key shots of her as the spotlight was clearly on Michele and her Balmain dress, but Agron’s sleek chin-length bob was accented with feather hair extensions which she showed off as she flipped her strands from side to side. I’m loving that she’s trying new things and having fun with her style, and that the shows producers are letting her.

What do you guys think? Did you like the promo?

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