Giuliana Rancic On Skincare, Perm Disasters & Fave Products

Rachel Adler

We’re all familiar with Giuliana Rancic, the friendly face on E! News, Fashion Police and most recently her own reality TV show, Giuliana and Bill. Some of you may not know that she is also quite a beauty guru, having started to experiment with the stuff from a very young ageshe permed her hair at age 11! Since she isn’t busy enough, Rancic is also currently a spokesperson for skincare brand DDF, and explained to me that she began using the product (and fell in love with it) about eight years before the brand even asked her to represent them.

Giuliana jumped right in to talking to me about her favorite DDF products, starting with the Revolve 400x, a micro-polishing system that you use at home twice a week to exfoliate your skin.

GR: This is definitely more gentle, its at home and you do it twice a week. And it only takes like two minutes, which is nice, you dont have to go for an hour and suffer. But it is amazing, amazing, from the first time you use it, youll rinse it off and your skin is like baby skin, perfect. It just feels beautiful, so soft like silk. And then whats really cool about it too, is it’s little and compact and easy to travel with because I travel a lot, I’m going to five cities this weekend, I travel all the time, so this is nice I can just throw it in my suitcase. Whats really cool too is this is the microdermabrasion head which is like the foam head, but then this is just the regular cleanser so you just pop that out and interchange them, so this I use at night to take off my makeup, because especially after an event or something, I mean you wear little makeup but I’m sure if you have an event to go to or something this really gets off and you realize wait a second I had a lot of makeup on that I didnt realize doesnt come off with just my fingers. So this I use every night. In the morning I’ll just use my hands to wash my makeup off, but this I use twice a week and you just get your face damp, it’s after you clean your face, then you put these crystals all of your face, so its kind of like the microdermabrasion, you know what I mean, it feels like that, and you put those all over your face and then you take this and you turn it on and for like a minute you just go around and focus like 20 seconds here and 20 seconds there and it’s incredible. And so I’ll use that twice a week and thats it, its very easy. And theyve tested it and its incredible results and people are just loving it, so thats probably my best beauty tool right now.

What is your typical daily skincare routine?
GR: I use a new product of theirs [DDF] in the morning. I learned from my makeup artist at E!, she would always prime my face. When you hear about makeup primer you’re like “do I really need that? Let me just get to my moisturizer” but it is incredible what a difference it makes. It really makes your makeup sit better. We all spend so much money on moisturizers and makeup but to get the full effect like a makeup artist gets, do what they do. They will also do an eyeshadow base. It really does make your eyeshadow sit better. It’s amazing. You also don’t need to wear as much of it.

Then I follow with this Wrinkle Resist. I do it before moisturizer. It’s a pore minimizer with a really cool texture. It really does settle your skin. It gives you a matte look without being powdery or dry. Then at night I will just use a cleanser and eye cream. I love eye cream!

And then, if you have blemishes which I used to have, this is amazing. Their blemish foaming cleanser. Which I’ve turned like 500 people on to, I’ve used it forever. My husband also loves it, anytime he breaks out, it’s great. It has salycilic acid in it but it’s a tiny amount. It works like an acne treatment. If you just want a cleanser, the brightening cleanser is my favorite. It take off makeup and is very light. It’s a very clean line, a good line.

Since you’re clearly very busy, do you find that your skin reacts to your stressful lifestyle? How do you alter your routine during high-stress times?
GR: I travel a ton so I always carry a Ziploc bag. My little grocery store Ziploc bag. It’s just so much easier to get your skincare routine down and what you use and then just carry it around. I keep it in my carry-on suitcase so I just have it with me. I feel like we all spend a lot of time fussing over products and then you can’t get it through security. So, the busier I am, the simpler my routine. I just have my travel kit with essentials. If you came to my hotel room, you would find my Ziploc bag.

What are your top makeup essentials?
GR: I love bronzer. I think Lorac makes the best bronzer on the market, it’s great. I always have to have bronzer, I always have to have mascara. Trish McEvoy has a great mascara. I always have a strip of lashes too. Ardel, drugstore. I use the wispies or the demi-wispies. Get the dark glue not the white glue. Some people get the white glue but you can see the white glue.

I also love MAC lipgloss and lipstick, and the lipliner. I use summer fruit lipliner for the summer which is a light lipliner. Then I’ll do a little bit of spice or a color like that over it to fill in the lip. I’ll use a lipstick like freckletone, it’s creamy and very pretty.

I also use Benefit cream eyeshadows. They go on really quickly with a lot of impact so you don’t have to spend a lot of time putting on eyeshadow.

Do you use a primer for your cream shadow?
GR: I use a Trish McEvoy base. I know it all! I love makeup. I started wearing makeup when I was very young. I’m Italian so my mom let me do whatever I wanted. I remember getting a perm when I was 11. I was really young, way too young for it. My scalp was on fire. I should call my mom and yell at her. I smelled like perm. I looked like a poodle. I know everything off the bat because I’m given a lot of product so I really get to go through and try things to decide what I like using.

Do you think you would ever come out with your own line?
GR: I should! Maybe one day. Right now, I’m working on a clothing line. It just went into the works. Maybe one day but not yet. I think a bunch of people are doing it really well. I probably could because I have so much information. Everything in my makeup bag has been thought out. If I like something, I’ve chosen it out of 20 things I didn’t like. It’s all very thought out.

What are the best tips you’ve gotten from your makeup artist on set?
GR: Being on E! and getting my makeup done everyday, I’ve learned a lot. If there’s left over eye cream, I’ll use it on my cuticles. Contouring is also really good. You can do it in everyday life, not just television. I use a Bobbi Brown Foundation stick with a MAC Contour Brush to blend it in. It creates more defined cheekbones and works as a darker blush almost.

Do you have a go-to look for the red carpet?
GR: No, I like to mix it up a bit. I’m hosting Miss USA this weekend, I wanted to shake things up and have outfit changes. They gave me three. I wanted like eight. I’m thinking of a menswear look, especially for such a Femme event. I would love to see the host come out in a tuxedo jacket with shorts, I think it would be really cool. Then the next look will be really feminine and glam.

Do you like to experiment with hair? Do you know as much about hair as makeup and skincare?
GR: I do. I know, I’ve had the long hair for years. People will tweet me telling me to cut my hair because I’ve had the same hair for 10 years. The thing is, I find it really versatile. I can do a lot with it, ponytails, fishtail braids, I can do updos, long and straight, long and wavy. I get it, people want me to try something different. If I go short, I will feel stuck with that look. I can’t be stuck in a look. As much as I would love to do short hair, it’s really gorgeous, it would limit me. We’ve done things with tucking it in, to make it look short. I like to play around and try things out.

On Fashion Police the other day, I did this huge updo that was very 70’s and old school. It was very mature and glam. I wouldn’t wear it to my wedding but I that’s what I love about Fashion Police, I get to try new things each week. I go out and I know people will hate the look but it’s super fun, it makes me laugh. It’s not a big deal if people hate it for 30 minutes of television, at least you’ve got them talking. With E! News, I have to be a bit safer.

I’ve been dark, I’ve been platinum. I think this fall, I will go dark again. I would do it now but we’re shooting our show [Giuliana and Bill] and it’s weird to change color mid-season.

Do you have a favorite show that you work on?
GR: E! News is like my baby. I started there and I love E! News. Fashion Police is a blast! Working with Joan is incredible. I’d say, Giuliana and Bill because I get to work with my husband. If we weren’t shooting that show, when would we see each other! We’re both producers but I try to edit things for the show myself. I’ll be concerned with how a scene is portrayed as sad when it was really funny, and he will be like “what’s up with my hair? Why didn’t you tell me that piece was sticking up?” It’s funny how much worse they are [men], I’ll be half asleep in a hospital gown not commenting on it and he’s concerned with his hair!

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