Gaga Likes a Healthy Dose of Peroxide

Amanda Elser

As beauty gurus, we have to recommend that you don’t bleach your hair. As some of Lady Gaga‘s little monsters, we’re refraining from running out and buying a bottle of peroxide after Gaga’s latest tweets.

@LadyGaga: “Bleaching my hair! Scalp burning like a champ. A real blond loves a#PeroxideShot.”

For those wanting to achieve that white/blonde hair look that’s so hard for many to pull off, peroxide and bleaching is sometimes the only way. We just ask you to be careful when it comes to dosing your head in chemicals, and if you don’t want to listen to us, take Gaga’s advice.

@LadyGaga: “NOTE TO BLEACHED BLONDES WHO ARE TONING: do not fear the sting of toner! Wait five minutes and it’s just so painful your scalp will numb.”

Doesn’t sound too promising…

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