Emma Watson Does a Killer Eye For Harry Potter NYC Premiere

Rachel Adler

Not to just dedicate this site to Emma Watson or anything, but the girl has been just getting it right lately. Giving credit where it’s due, she knows how to experiment and just plain have fun with her style–and we love to see that.

Last night for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere in NYC, Watson took a cue from Jason Wu’s Fall 2011 runway show and added a touch of gold metallic to her shadow, and it was brilliant. Slicking back her hair (a la her Lancome ad campaign shots) as to not draw attention away from the face, her eyelids were filled in with a black kohl and angled out. Then, things got exciting. Gold shimmer was placed on the inner corner of the eye, and larger gold glitter pieces were placed on the outer corners as well. The result was stunning–and balanced perfectly off of her voluminous draped Bottega Veneta gown with a linen top from their Fall 2011 collection.

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