Dianna Agron’s Braided Updo: Get the Look

Rachel Adler

Dianna Agron was stunning last night at the SAG Awards, and the messy, braided updo that we’ve been seeing lately on the red carpet is a trend that we are dying to try out ourselves.

Fekkai stylist Adir Abergel gave us the rundown on how he achieved the romantic style, which he chose in order to “mimic the movement of the dress.” Adir began by applying Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream from the roots to the ends of Dianna’s wet hair to create texture. He then rough-dried the hair with his hands. After the hair was completely dry, he sprayed Fekkai Oceanique Tousled Waved Spray throughout the hair, and rough dried it through once more.

To begin the updo, Adir took a section of hair from the top of the left ear and created a long fishtail braid. He then wrapped the braid around the front of the head like a crown, leaving the hair underneath loose and undone. Adir then took the rest of the hair and created three more fishtail braids, ultimately twisting them together in the back of the head and securing them with hairpins. He finished the look off with a touch of Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray.