Bryce Dallas Howard Does A Trendy Braid Chignon At Cannes

Rachel Adler

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard has that fiery red hair that makes everyone want to just cave in and jump on board with this whole red hair trend. But then we all realize that we don’t have her perfect, ivory complexion, and the hesitation (rightfully) sets in.

Howard experimented with braids at Cannes International Film Festival for the photo call of her latest film Restless, and her hairstylist, Marcus Francis, told us how to get the look.

Francis said, “Bryce can look very youthful and yet classic at different times. Because her blouse had such pretty lace detail, we opted for a modern and flirty twist to her look.” He noted that one day unwashed hair is better when doing an updo as it holds better and has more texture. First, he sprayed Phyto Volume Actif Spray throughout her dry hair, scrunching it with his hands as he dryed with a blow dryer.

To give it a bit of added height at the crown, he teased four 1/2″ sections and lightly smoothed it out with a Mason Pearson brush. Then starting at the temple at each side of the head, he did a loose French braid, keeping them taut around the nape of the neck. Francis then secured each braid separately with an elastic, and took the right braid and wrapped it back and forth (securing it to the head) and did the same with the left braid. To soften the braided chignon, he pulled a few pieces of hair out to frame the face, and finished by curling them with a curling iron.

Photos via Getty