The Best Makeup to Wear with Your “Nerd” Glasses


There’s no denying the growing trend in “nerd” glasses the past few seasons. With more and more styles emerging, specifically round glasses this fall, here are some tips for the best makeup look that will compliment your nerdy accessory. The rule of thumb for achieving makeup that will pair perfectly with your new trendy accessory is to keep the look fresh. Try and exude a ‘fresh faced’ look paired with either bold lips or extra mascara to make sure those eyes look wide-awake under your chunky glasses.

Bold Lips
We love a strong red lip with thick-rimmed glasses but don’t be afraid to test out some darker fall shades this season.

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Dramatic Lashes
First, curl your lashes so they wont touch the glass of your frames then apply a few extra coats of mascara to make sure your eyes will still pop behind your glasses. Another option to enhance your eyes: apply some false lashes for the same effect as extra coats of mascara.

Our last tip to complete your “nerdy glasses” look: try and keep your hair off your face. We love either a pony or a loose braided bun.