7 Celeb-Inspired Fall Hair Updates That You Can Try

7 Celeb-Inspired Fall Hair Updates That You Can Try
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For me, change in seasons usually means a change in hair. Having had much experience in this realm, I consider myself all too well acquainted with the desire for a new, fun look and also with the inevitable feeling of regret that follows if it doesn’t turn out quite right. And usually, there’s no turning back – you can’t exactly reattach the huge chunk of hair you just had cut into side-swept bangs which, it turns out, looked way better on Jennifer Aniston (shocking!).

Recently, celebrities have clearly felt that same desire for new hairstyles (and colors) that we do (cue the magazine headline: They’re Just Like Us!). The celebs on this list have inspired some serious hair envy, and have also shown us mere mortals how a few style tweaks can make all the difference in reinterpreting one’s style.

We applaud these celebrities for their creativity, risk-taking and confidence in exploring the ever-changing terrain of the world of hair trends. But along with our favorite hair daredevils (ahem, Katy Perry), we also salute those who made more subtle alterations for proving that change can take shape in a variety of ways and that it doesn’t always have to be a no-turning-back kind of situation.

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1. Add a Sparkly Accessory

You knew that Blake Lively, aka the "Rachel/Jennifer Aniston" of this decade, had to show up somewhere on this list. While her long, supermodel locks may not be totally accessible to all of us (without the use of hair extensions), her use of a hair accessory is. The most commitment-phobic friendly hair update on this list, adding a cute, sparkly accessory can take a style from dull to attention getting. And if that doesn't work, you can always try being spotted with Leo.

2. Play With Different Ways to Style Your Bangs

Emma Stone is clearly having a bit of a moment lately, and it's not just because she somehow looks stunning with Every. Single. Hair color. Simply put, we're obsessed with her because she's hilarious, talented and confident in her own skin. That's why we're happy to follow her lead when it comes to hair. Here, she proves that snipping isn't the only way to revamp your style - simply style your bangs differently. If you usually have a fuller fringe, blow-dry them to the side for a non-committal new look.

3. Switch to a Center Part

After spending nearly half of my life with the same side part I'd had since middle school, I was inspired to switch to a center one when I started noticing how modern it looked on the runways a few seasons ago. While you might need a bit of a trim to ensure that your style is still even, switching up your part is a great way to instantly transform your hair without the permanence of a dye job or a drastic cut.

4. Go Ombre (Yes, It Still Works!)

When ombre locks started popping up on a laundry list of celebs a few years ago, it definitely had the potential to be a fleeting trend. But here we are, a few years later, and many of the most stylish celebs are still sporting this lighter-on-the-bottom trend. We love it because it's so easy to maintain (you can wait way longer between touch-ups than with average color) and it still stands out for its effortlessly cool vibe, even though it may not be so shocking anymore. We maintain that it's not too late to try out ombre!

5. Opt for an Edgy Cut

For those who are less apprehensive and more in need of a total transformation, this is the season to try out an edgy new haircut. We loved Diana Agron's messy bob so much we'd suggest just printing out this picture and bringing it to the salon with you. Don't forget to ask for a bit of a tutorial from your stylist on how to achieve the messy-yet-chic look that works so well with this cut.

6. Dip Dye Your Ends

If we had to pick just one hair trend that defined the summer of 2011, it would be brightly colored dip dyed ends. While we loved this look all summer long, we're not quite ready to give it up for fall. And now that some of the trendiest celebs, including Kate Bosworth (above), have shown us how it's done, a bold infusion of color seems attainable and wearable. To make this trend work for fall, lose the neon pink, and instead opt for jewel tones that will feel more current.

7. Experiment with Color

In addition those experimenting with bright ends, a bevy of A-listers have also recently become redheads, testing the waters outside of their natural colors. While Christina Hendricks is no new redhead convert, she is actually a blonde who has opted to dye her locks red for decades. Other celebs such as Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore and Whitney Port have followed suit, showing us how versatile red tresses can be. They've also demonstrated why we shouldn't be afraid of taking risks with hair color - and that it doesn't necessarily have to mean going full-on cotton candy.

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