10 Beauty Rules To Break This Spring

Emma Sayles
10 Beauty Rules To Break This Spring
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These beauty rules have been touted over and over again by well-meaning mothers and old-fashioned beauticians alike, but as the other saying goes: “Rules are made to be broken” You don’t have to be a daredevil to break these outdated beauty rules, as long as you do it the right way. Ride the cusp of these rules by never overdoing your blue shadow, keeping your red lip the correct tone for your skin and you’ll be looking great!

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The Rule: Redheads Should Never Wear Red Lipstick

There is no reason redheads cannot rock this look, just make sure that the color is complimentary to fair skin.

Rule: Blondes Should Wear Brown Mascara 

Black is back for the blondes, though we admit we never really followed this rule.  

Rule: Smokey Eye Or Red Lip: You Have to Choose One!

TOTALLY false! If you have the confidence to rock this look, there is nothing to stand in your way of the drama.

Rule: Ponytails are Only for the Gym

Ponytails are not only an easy updo, but a great style for the gal on-the-go.  Style it up with a piece of hair wrapped around the hair tie.

Rule: Don't Match your Makeup to your Nails

This is actually a hot spring trend that Michelle Williams is seen rocking here.  No reason to not try this for yourself!

Rule: Blue Shadow Should Only be Saved for '80s Parties

Though this rule does have some merit,  the right tone and amount of blue shadow is totally cool.  

Rule: Don't Wear Liner on The Top and Bottom 

For a dramatic, 60's inspired look like Nicole Richie this liner style is the way to go.

Rule: Don't Pluck Above the Eyebrow

If you have been to the waxing or threading salon anytime lately, you know that the specialist always will hit above the eyebrow.  It cleans up and intensifies the look of your arch, instead of the myth that it lessens it.

Rule: The Moment Those Roots Start to Show, Time to Head to the Stylist!

Put off that visit for a few more weeks, the ombre hair trend is still in full force!

Rule: Whispy, Frizzy Hair Looks Messy

When did messy become a bad word?  Messy and whispy locks can look effortlessly cool, tied up in a loose bun or down in a messy braid.  

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