Celeb Summer Hair – How To Maintain Your Style In The Heat

Rachel Adler

Since May has nearly slipped us by (Memorial Day Weekend here we come!) and summer is almost upon us, it’s time to start preparing our beauty regimens for the 90 degree days that we know we’re in for. Line your bathroom counters with anti-frizz products, mattifiers and tinted moisturizers now.

One thing that never ceases to amaze us with each passing heat wave is how the stars manage to stay so unfazed. Every hair stays in place and their curls don’t end up looking like cottonballs. With the help of a few of our beauty expert friends, we pinpointed a few styles to try this summer that are low-key and chic yet will survive the weather.

Half Ponytail
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J.Lo in Madrid, Spain. Photo: INFevents.com

Instead of throwing your hair haphazardly into a bun, try tying it into a half-ponytail like Jennifer Lopez. Hayleigh Hatcher, New York Blow Dry Bar Stylist, said “For more of a romantic feel wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to keep it dressier.”

Curly and Wavy Hair
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Alicia Keys has gorgeous curls that say manageable rather than frizz ball. Photo: RD / Kenney / Retna Digital

Curly haired girls often dread the hot summer weather because they know what it brings: humidity. The best way to combat frizz in the summer (or anytime) is to apply product to your hair before it has a chance to frizz up. Cutler Salon’s Armond Hambrick recommends using Redken’s Outshine 01, which is a lightweight anti-frizz polishing milk. Apply it on damp hair or use it as a finishing product, running it through your hair from roots to ends.

Boho Side Braid
92380 1274709714 Celeb Summer Hair   How To Maintain Your Style In The Heat
Nicole Richie braids one on. Photo: INFphoto.com

This take is straight from the runway. Alexander Wang sent girls down the catwalk with long Rapunzel locks braided on the side. Nicole Richie was thinking along the same wavelength with her low-key boho style. Pull this look together with day old dirty hair. Loosely braid to the side and leave some face-framing strands free.

Face Framing Highlights
92280 1274367880 486x Celeb Summer Hair   How To Maintain Your Style In The Heat
Audrina Patridge shows off her face framing highlights. Photo: RD / Kabik / Retna Digital

Lightening your hair for the warmer seasons is a ritual for many girls who play with color. We started in our teens with lemon juice (some of us have yet to grow out of this phase) and then moved on to the real stuff. New York Blow Dry Bar Stylist MariLynne Mele added some pro beauty advice. “The best way to get natural but trendy highlights in the summer is to make a neat, medium height ponytail while you’re in the sun,” she said. “Pull the front pieces back so they are lying on the top of your head so they will hit the sun the most, and the sides and bottom will absorb the sunlight strongly too. When your hair is down, the light pieces will frame your face for a fresh, sun-kissed style.”

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