Celeb Couples Who Love Matching Hairstyles

Megan Segura
Celeb Couples Who Love Matching Hairstyles
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Not only did Brangelina wear matching black suits to the World War Z premiere, but they also wore identical ponies.

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Turns out Brad Pitt is a repeat offender when it comes to the matching hairstyle. In 1997 he and then-fiance Gwyneth Paltrow sported short crops with the same color highlights.

How To Bring Damaged Beach Hair Back To Life

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They may be broken up, but at one time they were so in love they had matching mini-pompadours.

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You can tell these two are in love by the way they wear their matching half-up ponytails.

10 Easy Hairstyles For Damp Hair

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The couple that styles their hair together, stays together. Clearly these two are in it for the long haul.

5 Ways To Style Your Hair Without Heat

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Before she dyed her hair purple, Kelly Osbourne colored her hair to match her former fianc's.

Celebrity Hair Color Disasters

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We can't tell if he's trying to match her or if she's trying to match him.

Celebrities Who Love Their Man Buns

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Ever since Portia chopped her hair, it's been hard to tell the two apart.

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The Cruise/Holmes clan took matching hairstyles to the next level by bringing their daughter, Suri, in on the action.

Celebrities Who (Almost) Never Change Their Hair

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