8 Creative Beauty Hacks Celebrities Swear By for Preventing Wrinkles

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Whether we want to or not, everyone ages. Not only is it a part of life, but it’s essentially life itself. And with aging, as many of you probably know, come wrinkles. While they are a beautiful sign of life’s experiences, they’re a telltale sign of how old we are, a detail our society has conditioned us to keep secret. Whatever your feelings are on wrinkles, it’s inevitable that all of us will have them. When they’ll appear is the real question.

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We’ve rounded up seven lesser-known beauty hacks celebrities use to prevent wrinkles. Stars such as Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie swear by these tips, from the game-changing trick you can do in your sleep to the drugstore lip balm with potent anti-aging properties. If you’re fine with your wrinkles, that’s cool. If you want to prevent them, that’s cool too—no judgment: Perhaps these remedies will help you hold onto your younger-looking appearance a little longer.

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Sofia Richie—Aquaphor

She might be 19 years old, but Richie is already worried about wrinkles. To prevent them down the line, the model told E! News that she sleeps with Aquaphor, everyone's favorite multipurpose balm, under her eyes. Considering that Aquaphor contains glycerine, a humectant that promotes faster cell regeneration, it's not crazy that she believes it prevents wrinkles. However, if you do try Richie's hack, proceed with caution, as the cult-favorite balm can also cause acne for some.

I sleep with it under my eyes because I heard it prevents bags. I’m just a freak about bags and wrinkles,” Richie said. 

Kourtney Kardashian—Silk Pillowcases

For Kourtney, preventing wrinkles is as easy as switching out your pillowcase. You might've heard the hubbub around silk-lined items. In addition to protecting your hair from split ends and keeping it shiny, silk is also great for the skin. As Kourt wrote on her website and app, silk's "natural fibers contain amino acids, which are really important for collagen production and anti-aging." Silk also helps the skin retain its moisture, a key in preventing fine lines.

"When I have forgotten to travel with it, I instantly notice a difference on my face with one night of sleeping on a cotton pillowcase," Kourtney wrote in a post titled "The Item I Swear By for Beauty Sleep."

Kim Kardashian—Sleeping on Your Back

If you're anything like us and can't be bothered by complicated, time-consuming skin-care remedies, Kim's easy wrinkle-prevention hack might be for you. In an interview with InStyle, Kim's dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, revealed the number-one tip he gives to his top client to prevent fine lines: Sleep on your back. According to Lancer, sleeping on your face or your side can cause your skin to fold into your pillow, leading to dark circles and wrinkles over time. To prevent this, he recommends sleeping on your back, which can also prevent wrinkles on your body, along with your face.

To avoid this, try to sleep on your back; it doesn’t just benefit your face, but other areas of your body, like the chest, from potential wrinkles," Lancer said.

Kate Hudson—Wash Your Face with Ice Water

Cold spoons is an age-old trick to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. So what do you do if you want to de-puff your entire face? Splash it with cold water. Though it's not as effective as taking a giant spoon to your face (can you even do that?) celebrities such as Hudson believe that a couple handfuls of ice-cold water every morning makes a difference in preventing fine lines over time. Of course, Hudson learned the trick from her mom, timeless Hollywood beauty, Goldie Hawn.

"It sounds old-fashioned," Hudson told the Daily Mail, "but my mom told me this one years ago, and it works. You just get a bowl and fill it with ice. Wash your face with the ice water, and—poof—the puff is gone."

Salma Hayek—Not Washing Your Face in the Morning

Hayek believes that washing your face only once a day is the secret to preventing wrinkles. In an interview on ITV's "Lorraine," the actress revealed that she washes her face only at night. She does this to preserve the natural oils her skin develops while she sleeps. Though an oily face might seem like a nightmare to some, Hayek is a strong believer that these natural oils are the secrets to youthful-looking skin.

“One strange tip—don't wash it in the morning, at all. Never, because at night your skin is rebuilding some of the oils that you need to keep your skin young, and it balances the pH," Hayek said. "So in the morning you can splash it with water, or do something mild—but you don't want to get rid of that. And if your skin is dirty in the morning, it means you didn't clean well at night.”

Cameron Diaz—Sex

The word is still out on whether a postcoital glow is a real thing, but for Diaz, sex is a surefire way to keep her skin looking young. "It's something healthy that we need to be doing for many different reasons," Cameron told Cosmopolitan U.K. Magazine in 2015.

The actress also spoke about the skin-care benefits of sex in an interview with British Vogue in 2010, in which she called it the secret for her "fountain of youth." "The fountain of youth [for me], let's see...I guess it's exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex—yes, sex, we need that as human beings," Cameron said.

Kylie Jenner—Applying Moisturizer with a Brush

When Jenner announced on her app and website that she uses a $72 brush to apply her moisturizer, beauty lovers looked at her like she was crazy. But the reality star has a good reason for ditching her hands when applying skin-care products. Along with oftentimes being cleaner than your hands (dirt and bacteria on your nails and fingers can cause acne, you know), using a brush reduces the amount of tugging and pulling on your skin—things that can cause wrinkles in the long run.

Angelina Jolie—Caviar

In addition to being bougie and delicious, caviar also has powerful skin-care properties—something Jolie knows very well. According to the Daily Mail, the Oscar winner is a big fan of Prairie's Skin Caviar (which contains actual fish eggs) to maintain her vampire-like youth. The cream, which contains sturgeon eggs, not only softens and hydrates the skin with fats, but it's also known to regenerate skin cells.

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