Cate Blanchett Is Just Doing Her Thing, Having Pink Hair and All

Rachel Krause


Cate Blanchett, generally the picture of refined Hollywood elegance, has gone and done something no one saw coming: She dyed her hair pink. And invested in pink-rimmed, blue-lensed glasses, because why not.

The two-time Academy Award winner unveiled the new color—and specs—while doing her thing in London last night. In typical euphemistic fashion, the Daily Mail described Blanchett’s new look as “zany,” which is fair enough.

There’s also a decent chance this is more of a semi-permanent rinse than a total hair redux. Because she’s so blonde, it’s easy to make the switch just by using a color-depositing conditioner, like Davines Alchemic Conditioner Red ($28.50), which will indeed tint light hair pink when left on for a while. This is definitely a departure from her usual look, but hey, whatever makes you happy. What, do you not want Cate Blanchett to be happy?