5 Cat Costume Makeup Ideas to Wear on Halloween

Victoria Moorhouse

There’s more to cat costume makeup than a set of whiskers, trust us. We trolled the Internet to find the best ways to upgrade this classic Halloween costume, and the results are inspiring. From tiger stripes to pretty winged liner, your makeup bag can give the overdone cat face a seriously chic makeover. As long as you’ve got some eyeliner (and perhaps a set of ears), you’re set. Thank us on October 31st.

Use contouring and highlighting techniques to to define your cheekbones and your nose. Skip drawing on lines for whiskers and opt for tiny freckles under your nose instead.

Go for a less authentic approach to recreating a cat face and wear your favorite pink lipstick, coordinating it with matching neon pink eyeshadow. Just be sure to give yourself a nose and a few whiskers.

Red lipstick and fluttery eyelashes make this feline-inspired look. If you’re decent at applying false lashes and lipstick, there’s no reason this costume should take you anymore than 15 minutes.

Not all cats are tame. You can easily turn any cat costume into a cheetah get-up by creating a few spots and really bringing it with the cat-eye.

Block off a couple hours (and pick up some thin makeup brushes) if you plan on copying this striking tiger stripe makeup look.

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