Why You Should be Using Cashmere on Your Hair

Natasha Burton
After a cashmere blowout.

After a cashmere blowout.

A revolutionary new beauty treatment is happening at George the Salon in Chicago, during which stylists use cashmere proteins during their clients’ blowouts. To get the scoop on why you might want to consider cashmere for more than just outerwear, we talked to salon owner George Gonzalez.

1. It makes your hair super supple.
Just like the name implies, hair is left feeling luxuriously soft (not unlike your favorite sweater!). Strands also feel stronger, since cashmere proteins support the natural protein found in your hair.

2. It provides high-wattage shine.
At Gonzalez’s salon, stylists use product that contains a fiber obtained from actual cashmere to smooth, strengthen and protect. Since it is broken down into hydrolyzed keratin protein, which facilitates moisture bonding, the treatment also produces shine.

3. It stops frizz.
Cashmere is truly one of the most luxurious fabrics, and its proteins are potent frizz fighters for hair. Cashmere proteins have a restructuring action, which will smooth and revive strands from the inside out.

4. It makes strands more controllable.
Since cashmere proteins strengthen and smooth, hair is instantly left more manageable.

5. It gives you bounce.
Cashmere is fine in texture, and strong, light and soft. This is the perfect ingredient for blowouts or curls since hair will have the same feather-light feel with an airy bounce.

Want to try it?
Gonzalez’s stylists use Davines Defining Texturizer ($20, amazon.com) in all of the salon’s cashmere protein hair services (the spray’s natural active ingredient is cashmere protein). This ecological hairspray has a restoring effect activated by hairdryer heat, enhancing and optimizing hair roots’ volume and consistency without leaving any residue behind. Its active principles penetrate with the help of heat—and the result is body and hold without heaviness. Those with fine, fragile hair will see more body, texture and natural-looking volume, while those with frizzy hair, whether thick or fine, will find their mane smoothed into submission.

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