Carrie Underwood On Married Life, Skin Care & Loving Her “Bad Girl” Style

Amanda Elser

It is always hard to believe when you meet a superstar that you love only to find out she really is THAT amazing in person. But that is exactly what happened when I met the one-and-only Carrie Underwood yesterday for our chat about beauty, husbands, and the perils of working out with makeup on.

American Idol favorite turned world favorite, Underwood has taken the world by storm. And with numerous number one singles, it is no wonder her fan base has extended far beyond the country niche. But who knew a girl this busy had time to extend a helping hand? Underwood teamed up with Olay to give recognition to millions of moms on this quickly approaching Mother’s Day. Olay knows that the person who represents true beauty are moms, and the Olay Beauty By Example program is designed to encourage daughters to recognize that. Women are invited to log on to, and sign Olay’s online declaration to acknowledge their moms as their “Beauty By Example.” In return for every person who participates, Olay will contribute one ounce of product, up to one million ounces, to look good feel better, (a national organization dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of women undergoing treatment for cancer).

No one knows more about being beautiful from the inside out than Carrie Underwood. “It’s not like I have a “superstar Carrie” that uses these things and “normal Carrie” that uses those things. I believe that being beautiful is from the inside, out, it’s  all important to feeling good inside and outside: using the right products, eating right, exercising, drinking a lot of water. All of that goes hand in hand and will make you the best you that you can be.”

Speaking of “superstar Carrie” vs. “normal Carrie”, the star says she has had to make some adjustments to her daily life since becoming famous. “I quit going to the gym,” she said, “it is too much of an effort to look good, and I will never understand makeup at the gym. I just work out from home now.” But becoming famous isn’t the only thing that has boosted her beauty routine, now that she’s married she likes to put in an extra effort for her hockey-player hubby.

“Mike [Fisher] loves the whole natural thing. I know he loves me when I get all dressed up, and I want to make an effort for him, and I want him to notice things,” she explained. Trust us, Carrie. He notices. So much so that he’s been skimming off the top of your beauty counter. “I’ve caught him stealing my Olay Complete. He was going golfing and he was like, ‘Do you have anything,’ and I was like ‘yeah!’ And so I gave it to him and it just disappeared after that.”

Check out the slideshow above to read the rest of our interview and see what other exclusive beauty tips Carrie dished to me.