Carol’s Daughter Wins Best of Sephora


I’m a total sucker for natural beauty products and I give extra points if the product is made locally. Usually I stumble upon such products at farmers’ markets or in small town stores. Imagine my surprise after learning about Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk on that not only is it made with 100% natural ingredients, it is made in Brooklyn, NY not ten minutes from my office. Made out of lemongrass, sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil, it is so natural that if our financial situation really falls through and we enter Great Depression Part II, this hair conditioner could be a yummy substitute for cooking oil.

I was further intrigued when I found out that it was voted as the best natural hair care product in the Best of Sephora consumer awards–no small feat–and has a huge celebrity following.  It is intended for people with very curly hair, but I decided to try it out. I have thick hair that doesn’t really have a curl per se but can do that beach hair thing occasionally. I washed my hair this morning and worked a pea-size amount through the ends of my hair–by mid-morning by hair had dried in to soft, extremely shiny waves. And by extremely shiny, what I really mean is that my hair was mirror-like, Pantene Pro-V commercial style.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, $18 for 8oz, and