This Organic Line Is A Savior For Dry Skin


absolution This Organic Line Is A Savior For Dry SkinIt’s rare that I get so excited by an entire brand, but when I started using the Absolution skin care line from France, I was completely hooked. This eco-conscious all-organic line feeds the skin and nourishes it for a smooth and healthy complexion. The packaging alone is beyond chic. Each product features a different black and white graphic, so it feels like a little gift.

The Addiction L’Huile Visage Face Oil ($80,, which contains a blend of 27 natural oils and plant extracts, is my new nightly ritual. I warm up three drops of this oil in the palms of my hands and then smooth it over my face and neck, inhaling deeply as the scent is calming and beautiful. The Le Baume ($20, is an all-over balm filled with calendula extract and perilla and marula oils that repairs dry skin on lips, backs of feet, hands or anywhere you tend to be seriously dry. The La Crème Du Jour ($80, and the La Crème Du Soir ($72, are the perfect day and night creams to richly hydrate the skin, using blends of organic and natural extracts and oils like neroli, sesame, cucumber, argan and marshmallow. The Le Soin Regard ($43, is an organic anti-aging eye booster that uses natural caffeine, blue lotus stem cells and tourmaline to tighten, whiten and brighten the eyes. It also contains Chlorella Vulgaris, a river microalgae that acts on collagen, restructuring and redensifying the connective tissue. Exactly the kind of good-for-you ingredients we want around our eyes.

What brand excites you?

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