Carey Mulligan’s Makeup Artist Teaches Us How to Perfectly Apply False Lashes

Rachel Adler

carey mulligan2 Carey Mulligans Makeup Artist Teaches Us How to Perfectly Apply False Lashes

Celebrity makeup artist Georgie Eisdell is known in the beauty industry for her red carpet work, often adding multiple false lashes and a bit of liner to her celebrity clients such as  Carey Mulligan, Dianna Agron, Diane Kruger and Christina Hendricks. We caught up with Eisdell at a recent event with La Mer, as she noted that she swears by their products as she always starts her clients off with a great base. Below, Eisdell gave us a few tips to getting a colored liquid liner look right, as well as completely that look with dramatic lashes. Read on for her pro tips below!

Getting The Perfect Colored Liner Look:
“Wet your liner brush and dip into your eye shadow so you get the right consistency. It’s a little easier to do it this way than using a full liquid liner that you can potentially mess up — this is very easy to fix because it dries into a shadow.”

Applying Your Falsies: “Its hard to do yourself. But the tip I have is putting your head back in the mirror so that your head is flat and plopping them on basically. If you are doing individuals, a good idea is getting a quarter set, and cutting them into pieces because they can be hard to put the entire strip on yourself. Quarter sets are key cause they are really easy to put on. Put your head back and look down in the mirror and place the strips right on the lash line and pinching them to your natural lash, then put mascara on first then a another layer afterward. And always pinch them together so they become one. Also, loading up on mascara is important. You can do anything on the eyelids as long as there is tons of mascara.”

The Trick To A Clump-Free Mascara Application:
“Just push and wiggle as you apply. I find you get a much fluffier effect this way. Your lashes are naturally fluffy because they are not defined. If there are clumps at the end, then you can get a brush and comb through them.”