Would You Rather: $500 Blowout or $700 Blow Dryer?

Amanda Elser

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. We have heard of some pretty astronomically priced beauty treatments, but when we heard that Harrods was offering a $500 blowout we thought it had better be because you’ll never have to blow dry your hair again. But oh, it is so much better. The reason for the $500 price tag is becauseHarrods’ Urban Retreat salon uses a special shampoo,Truffle by Fuente, for the treatment. The reason why this shampoo is so special? It is made up ofwhite truffle, pure diamond dust andmeteorite dust from space.

Personally, we think this $700 blow dryer bySedu Icon Prive would be a much better investment than a diamond infused blow dry, but what do you think?

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