Things To Look For In A Good Stylist

Rachel Adler

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When it comes to getting my hair cut, I must admit, I’m not that picky. I’ll try any new stylist once and as long as you don’t cut it above my chin (bad memories) or clip my ear (haven’t you heard those horror stories?) I’ll probably give you a second chance too. What it really comes down to though is the entire experience from the moment you walk through your salon doors to how you relate to your stylist in the chair.

So yes, I may float around from stylist to stylist but I’m actually a Goldilocks of sorts. Just haven’t found the right fit as of yet. But, in all of my testing I’ve discovered a few things to look for that makes a stylist great, that can help you in your search. Read on.

Make Sure They Take The Time To Get To Know You
This is called the consultation, and is the most crucial part of your visit. During this time, the stylist isn’t just being friendly, but also figuring out if you’re going to be able to maintain a more trendy hairstyle, or if you’re a low maintenance girl and if something easy will be better for you.

Get Comfortable
Your stylist should make you comfortable enough to have a relaxing visit. Remember that you want to say exactly what you’re looking for if you don’t think you’ll be able to explain it bring a picture (or multiple pictures) to help.

If You’re Not Happy With Your Cut, Say So
Obviously this is a bad situation any way you put it, but this can even happen with a stylist you love. If you’re ever unhappy with your cut though, don’t be afraid to say so. Your stylist wants you to be happy, and in all honesty you’re paying for your cut so they want you to go home satisfied and return. Just let them know that you’d like it to look a little different, and they’ll do their best to get it there.

Your Stylist Should Act As Your Tour Guide
As I’ve said, I’ve been to a lot of salons. Some let you find your own way back to your chair (which results in you getting lost somewhere between the rinsing station and the blow dry bar) and some hold your hand through the whole visit. Not that we always want our hand held, but it’s nice to have that contact during your visit and maybe, just maybe to know that they’ve enjoyed meeting you and making your hair beautiful.

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