Smooth Like ‘Chocolat’: New Carol’s Daughter Hair Care Line

Amanda Elser

We may use a lot of beauty products, but even we have those tried-and-true products that we continuously rely on andCarol’s Daughter is definitely at the top of our “favorite” list. Filled with natural ingredients, Carol’s Daughter’s products are the best when it comes to taming that wild mane and with the release of their new line,Chocolt, now you can have tame and silk-smooth hair at the same time.

Chocolt is a three-step, sulfate-free collection that provides the foundation for the perfect blowout with lasting effects. Chocolt smoothing properties do more than just coat the hair, they actually penetrate the hair strand to rebuild it.Chocolt features cacao extract as one of the main ingredients, but the scent is more along the lines of a chocolate-floral.

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price said the inspiration forChocolt came while drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

“Carol’s Daughter didn’t have a lot of products in the smooth hair market that helped to offer smooth, frizz-free hair,” Price said. “It came from me sipping hot chocolate thinking, chocolate smooth, chocolate, smooth, can we do something with chocolate as an ingredient to help make the hair smooth? And hence Chocolt was born.”

Great for all hair types, your hair doesn’t have to be a curly mess to useChocolt, just in need of extra moisture and shine.

“You should look however you want to look, whenever you want to look, ” Price said. “You should be able to be natural one day, be straight another day, do weaves another day, do braids the day after that, whatever it is that you want to do! But do it with healthy hair, so at the end of the day, your hair is still on your head.”