Ricardo Rojas Talks DIY Hairstyles & Salon-Worthy Blowouts

Rachel Adler

Renowned hairstylist Ricardo Rojas has spent a career styling some of the most famous strands in the industry (think Kate Moss, Heidi Klum and Donatella Versace). To add to his already busy lifestyle, Rojas decided to open a salon and create a line of brushes — so he clearly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to hair.

We talked to him about what we need to be doing to get that enviable salon look at home and found out a few of his hair product secrets. Read on for more!

What should we be doing to keep our hair healthy as the weather transitions (from Summer through Fall)?
The best thing to do is to use deep conditioning treatments. I always suggest oils, such as the Kesari Indian Oil Hair Serum. It will keep hair healthy and the color vibrant.

What are the easiest styles that we can DIY, yet still look chic?
First section dry the hair by breaking it into four pieces. After the hair has dried apply four drops of Kesari hair oil from the roots to the ends. Then brush each section of the hair with the Ricardo Rojas Tango Brush. With an 1 ” iron, curl only the ends of the hair. Follow this by pinning the bottom portion of each curl and then move to the next section. When the four pieces are finished, lightly blow dry the hair with the temperature set to cold. After 3 minutes, take out pins and the hair will be left with a fabulous bohemian chic look. This is a perfect style when you are on the go.

What are your tips for achieving a salon-worthy blowout at home?
My favorite look is the pin straight blow-dry with a slight curve at the ends. I achieve this look by using my Ricardo Rojas Tango Collection brush and adding a few drops of Kesari Oil to wet hair. This brush and oil work together to keep hair healthy and create a stylish frizz free chic look for the fall.

Do you have any Fall 2011 trends that you are most looking forward to using and seeing on the streets?
I am really looking forward to two trends, that are actually complete opposites. I love the long hair bohemian look with tons of texture but I’m also obsessed with the bob. Also, having a very sharp angle to the hair that hits the collar bone is all over Europe right now and is the perfect look for American women as well.

Your work has been all over the fashion scene. Where do you get your inspiration?
I get a lot of my inspiration while I am traveling, or when I go to exhibits. Alexander McQueen’s exhibit completely rocked my world. It was amazing. It gave me a new feeling of different textures and colors.

What hair products do you always have in your kit?
I always have a good oil, Kesari for its fast drying high shine attributes, L’Oreal Ellnett hairspray and my Ricardo Rojas Tango Brushes- (have the best bristle’s to bring lots of texture to all types of hair) and of course my scissors!

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