London’s Bleach Salon To Set Up Stateside

Rachel Adler

Doing crazy things with our hair is not anything new-we torture it to death with various colors and heat styling tools, and expect it to bounce back shiny and new. Bleach salon in London, although quite new, is well known for their unique take on bleaching strands. Opening in WAH Nails last year, the salon has grown quite a following due in large part to their creative styling, but also because they take great caution while bleaching the hair and care for it correctly. interviewed Alex Brownsell, the Creative Director of the brand and found out that not only will they be opening up a salon in New York come September, but they also plan to launch a “hair zine” as well. Brownsell got his start in the hair business at the mere age of 12, working in his “mums salon” sweeping hair off the floor. He then got proper training in London as a hairstylist when he was 16, and moved on to editorial work, styling for photoshoots and music videos before launching Bleach.

Currently, Brownsell noted that the most requested style they have is the “Dip Dye,” but they of course also offer colored stencils of your choice (pictured above) and many more, and will be expanding their services soon.

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