A Kate Middleton Inspired Perm is Making Waves in the UK

Amanda Elser

We never thought we would see the day that perms would come back into style, but no one ever said that achieving perfect curls like Kate Middleton came easy and not all of us have the luxury of a royal hair stylist.

Straight from Japan, Digital Perm may be your solution to getting those shiny, shoulder-bounce waves you’ve been envying ever since you saw those engagement photos. The Digital Perm is being used by stylists in the UK to give their clients those perfect, natural looking waves without damaging their hair.

But don’t be fooled ladies, this new technology won’t result in your mom’s hair from the 80s. That old solution could only produce one type of curl: tight from root to ends. The Digital Perm is different because it apparently leaves hair soft and shiny.

An article in the Daily Mail said the Digital Perm requires apre-treatment step to help protect the hair, then a solution is applied only where a wave is desired, allowing for a more natural-looking style. Hair is then rolled into rods, which come in different sizes allowing different styled waves and curls — something your mom’s perm couldn’t offer. But we all know, if Japan came up with this it has to be more advanced then different sized curlers. Alas, each curler is set up to a machine which digitally controls the heat setting and helps set the hair. Once the hair is all digitalized, another solution is applied to neutralize the hair, then it’s rinsed and styled. Ta-Da!

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Experts say this perm can be done on almost any hair type, last up to 4 months and can be repeated without causing damage.

Would you ever consider getting a Digital Perm? Do you want to see this technology in the US?

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