It Factor Quick Blowdry Saves On Drying Time

Julia DiNardo

Do you suffer from BDSAS (Blow Drying Sore Arm Syndrome) on a daily basis, express general boredom with drying your hair, or really don’t have the time to spend on this mundane process?

We do! We do! Would you try a shampoo and conditioner then, that promises to cut your drying time by up to 50 percent? Enter It Factor Quick Blowdry, a new line that has come up with four products that won’t add any steps to your washing and conditioning routine and reduces the time you spend behind the blow dryer. The brand utilizes a VaporBoost System that reduces the attraction between the hair and the water to speed up the evaporation, which in turn, makes drying your tresses less of a time-consuming activity.

Currently available for two hair types (fine hair or medium to coarse hair) the shampoos and conditioners are also free of harsh sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride and alcohol, and are safe on colored and chemically straightened/smoothed hair as well.

Having timed drying my hair the day before, which clocked in at nine minutes, I tested the It Factor Quick Blowdry shampoo and conditioner for fine hair the following day, which resulted in a total reduced drying time of seven minutes; about 23 percent less time involved to dry my locks. That may not seem like a tremendous amount of time, but when you are not a morning person, a two minute difference can be the difference between making the subway or squeezing into the next uber-crowded subway car and arriving to work late.

It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoos and Conditioners retail for $22.50 each for the 8.5 oz bottle of shampoo or 6.8 oz conditioner at professional salons nationwide (check to locate one near you).