I Got My Hair Chemically Straightened – sans Formaldehyde!

Amanda Elser

It’s called Shape Control and it is pretty safe to say it has changed my life. Redken created this new smoothing treatment as a way to provide a “New York Blow Dry” without the harmful effects of the Brazilian Blow Out.Shape Control isa two component, completely safe texturizing system that helps you create a range of customizable, permanent results all the while conditioning your hair.

I took a trip to Dop Dop salon in SoHo to visit the talented Lori Zabel for a Shape Control consultation. I have naturally wavy hair – it’s fine and thin, but there is a lot of it. My curls don’t particularly bother me, but the prospect of being able to jump out of the shower and NOT have to style my hair was too enticing to pass up. Lori suggested I get “The Hot New York Blow Dry” for ultimate pin-straight, smooth results that last for four months or more (depending on how quickly your hair grows out).

After examining my highlights and bleached ends (if you remember, I had an encounter with bleached tips not too long ago) Lori determined my hair was strong enough to withstand the chemical treatment, but we would have to be careful around the highlights and I MUST use a deep conditioner after.

First, I got a shampoo to strip my hair of any buildup and provide a bit of conditioning before the chemical treatment. Afterwards, Lori slowly painted on the Shape Control formula, being sure to avoid my bleached ends and highlights. The formula sits on my head for about 20 minutes, before Lori brushed the formula throughout the rest of my hair. Another 10 minutes, and I was ushered over to the shampoo station again to rinse out the surprisingly un-smelly formula.

160475 1330618155 I Got My Hair Chemically Straightened   sans Formaldehyde!

Probably the most tedious part of the process, Lori has to ensure that all of the product is out of my hair. At this point my hair is a limp noodle prime for molding. Lori smells my hair to make sure the product is completely rinsed off before she leads me back over to her chair.

She dries my hair about 80 percent when I get double teamed with flat irons. My hair is completely straightened when it is then coated with a neutralizer. Once this is set in my hair, it is then again washed out completely – leaving my hair silky smooth and straight. One quick blow dry later and 48 hours without washing and my hair is ready for instant smoothing.

160476 1330618160 I Got My Hair Chemically Straightened   sans Formaldehyde!