How to Maneuver Your Diffuser

Amanda Elser

Sometimes I feel as if my blow dryer is my arch enemy, always fighting against me to achieve the perfect blowout that I desire and work so hard for. But I have come to realize that it is not my blow dryer’s fault that my hair is virtually unmanageable and instead of trying to control my wild mane, I am just going to embrace it.

This is where the styling tool that has saved curly-haired girls everywhere comes into play – the diffuser. Simple and effective, your diffuser is that mystery attachment that came with your fancy new blow dryer and is probably still sitting in the box.So take out that instruction manual and attach that sucker because I am going to walk you through how to use a diffuser to save your curly ‘do.

During a recent blowout with hairstylist Anthony Barrow he gave me the inside scoop on how to effectively use the diffuser to get the most bounce and curl in your hair and prevent frizziness, read his 7-step guide below.

1. Apply any type of desired styling cream to your damp hair, make sure to brush it through evenly. Turn your diffuser on high heat and low speed. The key is to go nice and slow to get the most out of your curl.

2. Take sections of your hair and place them slowly on top of your diffuser. Instead of pushing the blow dryer up to your scalp, tilt your head into the blow dryer. This helps get that desired bounce.

3. Slowly repeat step 2 until your entire head is dry. Concentrate on the back of your head, as you have twice as much hair there.

4.Use a curling iron to add a few extra curls around the frame of your face. Make sure to curl hair so it goes away from your face, not towards.

5. Add a few more curls under the head to the hair that falls directly on you shoulders. This will add a bit of extra curl as your hair moves.

6. Pull your fingers through or brush out a few curls. Apply any additional styling cream or mousse and do one more quick round with the diffuser to get that curl back into the pieces you smoothed out.

7. A quick scrunch, and you will have a natural curl without wasting anytime air drying.