How To Grow Out Your Hair Even Faster

Rachel Adler

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One of the most commonly asked questions (and unfortunate problems) seems to occur when you cut your hair on a whim or after seeing Kate Winslet’s new haircut, and realize that it’s all wrong for you. Now if only you could push a button and have your hair magically grow back…

I’ve picked up a few tips from stylists over the years (and my hometown stylist who definitely knew I abused my straightener back in the day) and realize it’s just not fair to keep them to myself. Read on and listen closely to have long locks in no time.

Don’t Damage It With Styling Tools
Let that straightener and curling iron rest easy if you can and the blow dryer! Constantly using heat tools damages your hair (split ends galore) so if you want longer locks try to either let your hair air dry, or if you do have to style your hair, prolong the style by using dry shampoo.

Don’t Avoid Your Stylist
Most people think that if you are growing your hair out, you need to avoid your stylist’s chair. But actually, you want to stop by for frequent trims to get rid of those split ends. This will keep your hair healthy and growing.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals Too Often
I will be the first to say that dying my hair is a must (it’s addicting) but when you’re trying to grow out your hair, anything damaging is pretty much a no-no. So, if you must dye it, try to wait the proper amount of time between colorings (about six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows).

Treat It Right
Deep conditioning treatments will help nourish your hair and keep it healthy to not only protect the ends from splitting but also keep it strong and shiny as it grows out.