How to Cut Your Hair For Long or Round Faces

Amanda Elser

I have a very long face. Not that I particularly dislike my long features, but it can make styling my hair a bit of a challenge. Thankfully I got some expert styling tips from Aussie’s celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa about the best haircuts and tricks for any face shape.

For a long face like mine, she recommends a sweeping bang to emphasize the cheek bone. Sweeping bang? Check.

As for styling, she recommends curling the hair from the root to give the illusion of a wider face. Curly hair? Check.

Things to stay away from are center parts and straight hair, which only elongate your features instead of breaking them up.

What about our round-face friends? Well, this is one instancewhere a center part will work. Sarah also recommends cutting longer layers in the front that lay below the cheek bone to trick the eye into thinking the face is longer. But even though you want to slim your face down, you can still have some volume. Sarah recommends just starting the curl lower to add depth and volume at the bottom of your ‘do.