How To Cure Hat Head Hair

Rachel Adler

I know we have been talking about the weather a lot lately (even more if you follow our Twitter feed), but it’s not our fault that the snow is literally dumping on the east coast. What tends to be more annoying than the snow is the fact that our outfits are no longer cute and we have permanent hat head.

Luckily hairstylist Matt Fugate of Sally Hershberger’s downtown salon came to the rescue with a few quick tips for reviving your hair from this winter nonsense.

For Long Hair:
Step 1: Add volume and dishevel your hair
Step 2: Sweep hair to the side of your head
Step 3: Split the hair into two pieces
Step 4: Work the outside of a strand to the inside of the other strand

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For Short Hair:

Step 5: Starting deep over the top of the eye, create your braid with sporadic sections
Step 6: Grab pieces as you work through the hairline
Step 7: Secure the braid behind the ear

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