Herbal Essences To Feature Nicole Scherzinger’s Tresses

Amanda Elser

Nicole Scherzinger, singer and reality TV sweetheart,took to Twitter to announce that she will be the new global brand ambassador of Herbal Essences. We have long been envious of Scherzinger’s luscious locks and we can’t wait to see her in some of the tantalizing Herbal Essences ads “Doing the Herbal.”

Scherzinger released a statement saying”I’ve always loved changing and evolving my style in my career, and playing with new and different hair styles has been a great creative outlet for me,” she said. “I’m honored to partner with Herbal Essences, because it’s a brand I like and admire for its celebration of self expression and for encouraging women like me to have fun with their look!”

The new advertising campaign is scheduled to be released in July and will feature Scherzinger in numerous advertising platforms including print and TV.

Do you think she’s a good fit for the hair brand?

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