Find Out What Hair Color Personality You Are

Amanda Elser

At this current moment I know that I am wearing Essie’s Ballet Slippers nail polish and Smashbox For Keeps lip gloss, but ask me what my haircolor is and my answer would sound a lot like “Uh… brown?”

Why don’t we know what hair color we are? It seems like such a natural thing for us to be curious about, yet we never ask our stylist for an exact name, probably because the majority of hair dyes are a random number combination that would go right over our heads. That is until Aloxxi came into the picture.

Aloxxi is a hair color line created by OPI founderGeorge W. Schaeffer to bring every woman their “hair personality.”

Schaeffer said, “When it comes to the salon business, hair and nails are the two areas where color reigns.” We couldn’t agree more, so that is the reason why when I got the opportunity to have my own hair color consultation I jumped at the opportunity. After chatting with a few of the amazing colorists at Stephen Knoll Salon, we determined that I am a rich, tone-on-tone “Ciao Bella” — seriously, how fun?

Aloxxi hair color products are comprised of botanical-based pigments from Italy and may be customized for a variety of services, including permanent,tone-on-tone, non-ammonia, and no-lift plant dye formulations. So basically, it is a win-win for everyone!

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