Dakota Fanning Chopped Off Her Hair, Or Did She?

Rachel Adler
Dakota Fanning Chopped Off Her Hair, Or Did She?
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Dakota Fanning has gotten quite the buzz going across the interwebs after being spotted on the set of her new movie with a rather short, closely cropped pixie. The movie, called Now Is Good, is about a girl dying from Leukemia attempting to cross things off of her Bucket List. Just to note, the thing on the top of her list is losing her virginity, and her co-star is Jeremy Irvine, smart girl that Fanning.

Although the style does look quite real (great wig making on their part if that is the case), we do need to keep in mind the location–she obviously needs to have a short ‘do for the movie. What do you think–is it a wig or did she go for the chop? And, either way, do you think it looks good on her?

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