Colorist Denis de Souza On Rachel Bilson’s Ombre & Dyed Tips

Rachel Adler

Hair color has been a major focus lately, with ombre, dip-dyes and brights stealing a lot of attention. Denis de Souza, a celebrity hairstylist from Andy Lecompte Salon, working with stars such as Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie to name a few, chatted with us about how to protect your color, the secrets behind Rachel Bilson’s ombre, and what he really thinks about this whole dip-dye trend.

With the summer heat and wear and tear, what steps should we take to protect our hair in the summer, and get it ready for fall’s winds?
To protect the hair it’s always good to have some sort of hair shield , I personally like the Fluid d’t Protecteur by Rene Furterer. It protects your hair against the intense summer heat, sea water, pool, etc.

Everyone always wants their color to last longer. Do you have any tips to get the most of our hair color?
The best tip I can give is not to wash the hair more than twice a week.. Unfortunately the shampoo strips out the color, changing the tone of it as well.

Rachel Bilson is one of the star’s who’s ombre look everyone wants. How do you achieve that look?
I do softer highlights on the top of the head that shimmers only and bleach out the ends to give that beachy, easy touch to it.

You are a trend setter in hair color, creating the “Ipanema Beach Blonde” coloring technique. What other color techniques have you created (or like to work with)? And where do you get your inspiration? The Ipanema Beach Blonde really came from me looking at Brazilian girls hair on the beach and thinking gosh it’s so pretty how can I re-create this color at the salon and inspiration came and Rachel was the first famous girl I got to use that technique on and it became a huge trend all over the world. I know that my clients time is very precious to them, so my favorite color to deliver is a low maintenance one, that will allow them to go months without seeing me.

Are you a fan of this “dip-dye” hair trend? Or do you like the more natural look?
I’m not a fan of it at all.. I much prefer the more subtle and natural look.

And finally, what are your must-have hair products?
Okara Shampoo and Conditioner by Rene Furterer
Vegetarian miracle mask by Davines
Serum de Soie Sublimateur by Leonor Greyl
Rose Veil Hair Serum

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