Buzzworthy Hair Product: The Goody Spin Pin

Julia DiNardo

In all honesty I never bother myself with any sort of updo, unless you count a ponytail or a folded in half bun, secured with an elastic a ‘style’. I decided to reconsider my positioning due to the acclaim that the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin and the Spin Pin Mini have been garnering; in fact, I was starting to feel like I was doing myself a disservice by not giving the Spin Pin a chance.

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Declaring that it does the work of 20 bobby pins, destined for all hair types, and available in two color options (blond or brunette), this rather simple device merely gets twisted in clockwise from the top, while the other gets twisted in from the bottom (spin counterclockwise to easily remove). The key is to make sure you grab enough hair close to the head, beneath the bun while twisting it in, but to not interlock with the other Spin Pin.

After three tries I nailed it, and did all three suggested chignon looks! With almost every style you need to twist and tuck your hair as if you were going to secure it with an elastic or pins, but instead you lock in the Spin Pin(s). With the Spin Pins inserted, it felt like instant freedom from the weight and pull of bobbies and elastics.

139831 1314030616 Buzzworthy Hair Product: The Goody Spin Pin

The mini (pictured above) versus the regular Spin Pin proves to be shorter in length and offers security for full and partial hair styles, like a top knot or three mini chignons at the base of the nape. Starting out, it may be easier to work with the larger sized pin, just to get a feel for styling with the new tool. I sheepishly admit that I was certainly late to the party with this, and am certain that a lot of bridesmaids and formal-occasion goers will certainly rejoice at the simplicity, rapid styling, and of course savings it will bring!

Both the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin (set of two)and the Spin Pin Mini (set of three) retail for $7.29, and is available at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade stores.

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