Brazilian Blowout’s CEO Speaks, And Denies All, Still

Rachel Adler

The proposed preliminary injunction that was filed against GIB LLC, the makers of Brazilian Blowout, has been moved to Los Angeles County according to WWD to be consolidated “with all of the different cases” and “many class action suits” that have been filed against the company in L.A., said deputy attorny general Claudia Polsky. She also added that the case should be brought up quickly “We don’t want delay.”

Brazilian Blowout’s Smoothing Solution was found to contain about 8 percent formaldehyde by weight, which is comparable to embalming fluid used by funeral homes. This news apparently didn’t concern Brazilian Blowout’s CEO Mike Brady, who spoke with WWD about his current legal matters. “If it were so serious, do you think [the judge] would take if off the schedule?”

You should also note, that Brady still insists that his hair straightening product doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, standing behind the “formaldehyde free” labeling.

Brady told WWD that the issue with his product’s formula comes down to science, and that his formulas contain methylene glycol, a liquid, not formaldehyde, a gas, and that testing improperly combined the levels of both. “And I have the science to prove it,” he says.

The investigation into Brazilian Blowout had intially begun after salons in Oregon had stylists complaining of nosebleeds, itchy eyes and coughing fits after using the straightening treatment. The Oregon Occupational Health & Safety Adminstration tested the formulas and found that they contained as much as 10 percent formaldehyde Brady then filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Oregon OSHA to cease all reporting on the results.

Many salons in the New York City area are either no longer offering the treatment, waiting to hear the results of the injunction, or figuring out the best venhilation to keep both their customers and stylists safe.

We’ll be watching this case closely, but in the meantime, will you still use the treatment if you can find a salon that still offers the services?

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