The Best Ionic Hair Dryers, From $11-$169

Julia DiNardo

By now, you’ve surely heard about ionic hair dryers, and may be curious as to what makes them special, or why you should try one. It certainly sounds fancy and futuristic, right? To explain how ionic hair dryers work without getting too “techy” on you: instead of using the current air, filtering it, and pumping it out so that it’s really hot, they use a bunch of negative (instead of positive) ions to minimize and dissolve the water molecules. This ionic process is attributed with creating fuller, shinier, and less-frizzy hair. There’s also the notion that this may dry your hair faster than other kinds of dryers, shaving a minute or two off of the task.

Intrigued? We’ve got some great ionic hair dryer picks for you, ranging in price from $11 to $200:

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What It Is: Conair Frizz Defense Ionic Styling Hair Dryer
Why It’s Great: This is a very low commitment to try the ionic trend in hair drying with a name-brand product that delivers two speeds, a concentrator piece, 1875 watts of intensity, and oh yeahit’s pink!
Price: $11
Available: Wal-Mart

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What It Is: Hot Tools 1875 Ionic Travel Dryer
Why It’s Great: Delivering all you need, ionic-wise, in a compact folding and lightweight frame. You also get two attachmentsa finger diffuser and concentratordual voltage (125/250V) so it doesn’t blow up on you when you travel to another country, and great full-strength wattage.
Price: $32.99

117492 1299093260 The Best Ionic Hair Dryers, From $11 $169

What It Is: BaByliss PRO TT (Carrera 2) Tourmaline 3000 Dryer
Why It’s Great: This lil’ guy combines both ionic and tourmaline technology via far-infrared heat to dry even faster than you could ever imagine. At 1900 watts, you can bank on it getting the job done efficiently, and to cater to your specific temperature preference, it includes six heat/speed setting combinations.
Price: $79.99

117544 1299101280 The Best Ionic Hair Dryers, From $11 $169

What It Is: CHI Ionic Low EMF Professional Hair Dryer GF1620, Designer Chameleon
Why It’s Great: This top-of-the-line gadget is like the Rolls Royce of hair dryers, and with Ceramic, Ionic and Far Infrared systems working together, it can cut your hair’s drying time in half. Plus, it has ion, air flow, and heat switches for extra control. In case you’re wondering what the EMF in the product title stands for, this dryer reduces the emissions of electromagnetic frequency. Why would you care? Frequencies, and holding an electric object close to your brain on a daily basis… yeah, we’ll try low EMF.
Price: $169

117567 1299103249 The Best Ionic Hair Dryers, From $11 $169

What It Is: Revlon Amber Waves Ionic Hard Bonnet Salon Dryer
Why It’s Great: You can even go old school with your ionic dryer, rocking an at-home version of grandma’s favorite hair dryer. Features an ion switch, cold shot button, and two heat/speed settings.
Price: $45
Available: Macy’s